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Cancelling Direct Debit after 2 mths of <10mb speeds


At the ends of my tethers now with the slow broadband speed (100m Vivid) during evenings - can't even watch Netflix or Amazon Prime without it buffering or resolution dropping. Have complained several times but it's the usual "reset the modem...reset to default...blah...blah...blah", and have filed a complaint and still nowhere. Have had only one confirmation that the problem will be sorted on the 6th December. I'm happy to stop my direct debit until they confirm back to me that my speeds have been restored to normal levels, or at least acceptable levels especially in the evenings - they've stopped or affected the value and enjoyment of my paid subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon on HD resolution, so it's only fair they compensate me for the loss of service historically and until the services have resumed normal speeds. Still have my mobile to tether to whilst I search for a new provider.

Has anyone successfully stopped their DD in order for VM to action your problem, and has anyone found a good alternative to Virgin? Will be calling them in the morning to discuss my broadband bills that I've been paying for in full for less than 10% service (often 2%) - been with Virgin since it was Cable & Wireless but these days, loyalty gets you nowhere.

"better keep moving" someone once said!


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Re: Cancelling Direct Debit after 2 mths of <10mb speeds

Hey kuchars22,


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


Really sorry to hear about the fault in your area and how it's affecting your connection.


I can see fault: F004395809 is currently on-going and will be reviewed on the 1st March. If I could quicken up this process, I would, but I know this doesn't help. For now please try and use an Ethernet cable where possible and arrange any downloads for after midnight.


Again, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Take care.


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