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Can't enable Greenfield option (Virgin Superhub 1)

Hi guys,

Basically - I've been at the Routers settings for about 3 hours now trying to optimize my Download Speeds for the PS4 (I am trying to play for honor and it keeps crashing and giving me a network error code), managed to get it from 1mbps/14mbps to 35mbps/5mbps - which is good. 

PS4 internet test number 1 (before optimization): 450Kbps(down)/4Mbps(up)

Test number 2 (after changing max down speed to 300mbps and forwarding ports, and changing chanels): 2.7mbps(down)/270kbps(up)

Now I can play at least 1 game before the crash happens. I've done some digging and aparently changing the wireless radio to type "N" instead of "B/G/N" will help BUT the Greenfields option is greyed out so I cannot change it. I cant see any way around this and my eyes are getting tired Smiley Sad if anyone is able to help me please let me know.

Also, how bleeding cheeky is it of Virgin (who said they optimized everything) to throttle your download speeds without your knowledge? Intentionally suppressing them while promising high download speeds... naughty.

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Re: Can't enable Greenfield option (Virgin Superhub 1)

Hello garlickson,

Thanks for joining the community, great to see new members Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having with your speeds. Before we try and improve the Play Station speeds, can I check what your overall speed is? If you perform a speed test with an Ethernet cable to a PC or laptop, what do you get?

Do you notice if the speed changes at certain times of the day / night?

Please get back to us so we can investigate further.

Take care.


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