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Cable My Street Website

I'm trying to find out if my street is going to be cabled but when I select my address the next page always say

Oops, something’s gone wrong - this is awkward...

Looks like something went wrong at our end. Rest assured our internet boffins are working their cotton socks off to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you try again later, we’ll hopefully have everything sorted.


Well these internet boffins have been working on this for about a week and still no joy.

is there another way I can find out if my street is in any plans for Virgin as openreach has said we are in "scope" for the last 7 years

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Cable My Street Website

Hi Craig4

Thanks for joining us on the community and for popping by with your Cable My Street query.

I appreciate that you have had some issues with the site when you've been trying to register your interest with us and my apologies that this has been the case.

Can I ask does this happen on al browsers and devices with you?

If not could you let us know which browers this caused an issue on?

If you had this error on all devices and browsers then if you could get back to me on the pm I'm sending to you that you can find in the next to your forum name on the top right.

Here I'll take the information I need from you for me to log this on your behalf Smiley Happy

Kind regards and speak soon.



Virgin Media Forum Team

Forum Team

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