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Broadband recurring outage

I reported a broadband outage a couple of days ago and was told there is ongoing work in my postcode area until March 2017. I have 100Mb.

Today I had another outage. I checked the virgin media status site and did not see any issues showing up. I used the service checker to check my connection and it didn’t fix it after 10 minutes. I rebooted by router and eventually it worked again. This is happening more and more frequently and is causing me issues I work from home a lot (IT work).

Please could you let me know if there was an issue in my area at around 16:30 today (8/12/2016). If not do I need an engineer visit? I started keeping a log and have also had outages which I had to fix by rebooting my super hub 2 router on:

· 6/12/2016@11:53 (which I reported and was logged)
· 8/12/2016@16:30
- 8/12/2016@23:40

I tried to get through to support via chat today to no avail.

Do I need an engineer visit?

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Re: Broadband recurring outage

Hi Jonsnowboard,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to read that you are having issues with your broadband connection.


Looking at your connection, I can see the fault (F003703912) in your area which has a review date of 1st March 2017 which is in regards to high peak time traffic.


There was a fault reported on the 9th December in the early hours of the morning, which has been closed down as resolved. 


I did notice that the upstream power levels are too high at + 54 dBmV and for this I would like to arrange an engineer appointment. I've sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner) requesting some details.


Hope to hear from you soon


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