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Broadband keeps dropping out

Hi I'm having trouble with my broadband. It keeps dropping off so the only way I can reconnect my WiFi is to unplug from the mains and restart. This is happening more and more, I am having to restart on a daily basis now. Any ideas?
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Re: Broadband keeps dropping out

Is this a problem with your wifi or broadband, broadband I can only suggest doing a line test see if any problems arise or check to see if there's any issues in your area, if it's your wifi it can be a number of things, could be the device your using, is it doing it on other devices? Could be interference with the box try making sure the superhub is away from anything that could obstruct the signal in anyway, try changing the channels of your wifi 2.4ghz and 5ghz if that all fails it could be an issue with your superhub.