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Broadband keeps dropping off

Hi there,

For the past 2 weeks I've been having issues with my broadband where it suddenly stops working and requires me to reboot the router to get it working again.  Today, so far, I've had to reboot it twice.  Whilst on Friday, while I was off work I had to reboot it a total of 4 times during the day.  I would be grateful for any help as I'm getting really frustrated with this.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Broadband keeps dropping off

Hi Iainb38,

Thanks for posting back on the community.

I'm sorry to read you are having an issue with your broadband connection.

Looking at your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine with no time-outs reported since the router has been online.

Does this happen on both wired and wireless devices?

Do you notice any lights change on the router at all?

Can you post some router information for me please as this will help us further? To do this type in in the address bar, no need to sign in, on the top right you will see router status. Within here you will have downstream, upstream and network log. You can copy and paste this information, that would be great.

Let me know how you get on


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