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Broadband frustrations

Hi, can anyone help? 

I used to be a huge fan of Virgin broadband and TV but I am becoming incredibly frustrated…

I have had ongoing broadband issues for the last 18 months with the connectivity dropping out…when I first reported this to the helpdesk I was told that there wasn’t any issues and the hub was working…eventually they agreed to send an engineer…he said he knew immediately that the issue was the hub and there was a known fault with the early units and couldn’t understand why I was told this was not the case, he replaced the unit and all was well for 3-4 months…

Now I find myself with the same issue and I have to reset regularly and use my Vodafone 4G on an ever increasing basis…but the helpdesk say that everything is fine, which is true as long as I switch to my Vodafone router!!!

Can anyone advise how I can get Virgin to respond and stop telling me there isn't a problem???

Kind regards



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Re: Broadband frustrations

Hello 121Riverside,


Thanks for joining the community Smiley Very Happy


I'm sorry to hear about the connection problems you're experiencing, I know it's frustrating.


I've checked your connection and your power and SNR levels are good, there's no time-outs and the area is currently free of fault.


Are you having problems with the hard-wired connection? Or only the wireless? Are you having difficulties on multiple devices or is this local to one device?


Hope to hear back from you soon so we can investigate further.


Thanks for your patience,

Take care.




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