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Broadband connection keeps slowing right down


I currently have what I believe is a super-hub 2.  I am using it in modem only mode following endless problems with the wifi dropping out and so it is connected to an Asus wifi router.  There are multiple items in the house connected to it via both wireless and wired connections.

The problem I am having is that the connection keeps randomly slowing to a crawl.  Things will be fine but then the connection (as measured using SpeedTest from the local Virgin server) will drop down to just a couple of meg meaning sites are slow to load, video won't play, etc.  If I power-cycle the modem then things immediately go back up to full speed (about 50 meg or so).  

However, it used to be that I had to reset things once a month.  That then became once a week.  Now I am having to do it daily so something is definitely not right.

When I have having issues all devices slow down so I can rule out an individual device.  I have tried removing the router from the equation with no effect so it definitely seems to be a problem with the hub.

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Re: Broadband connection keeps slowing right down

Hey cjlws,

Thanks for posting, welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

Always great to see new members!

Please let me apologies for the connection problems you're experiencing, it sounds frustrating.

Do you notice the same speed reductions if you bypass your router and test hard-wired directly from your Hub? Do you notice if the speeds alter at different times of the day / night? Is this happening on multiple devices?

Please get back to us so we can investigate further.

Thanks again,

Take care.


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