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Best solution so far for getting my VOIP to work with VM Super hub 2ac

I have posted a bit before about trying to get my VOIP to work with the superhub 2ac and again I thank all who pointed me to helpfull information and advice.

As you may or may not know I could not get a soft VOIP phone to work fully with it, and I had been trying to alter the hub's advance settings to allow my calls through...... I know it was the hub, as using Tesco's 'in shop' free wifi it worked 100%.

I had tried pass through option, tried forwarding things, tried modem mode only, tried no firewall, but all limited success.

What now seems to work for me is that in advance settings under 'DMZ'   I can assign one IP address to this and in doing so it allows everything to and from that device/computer ...all protocols.......I did ask VM if I could refine it some way, as it sounded a bit unsafe but I was told it DMZ everything on that IP number.

I did try port forwarding to what I thought was the port used by the VOIP and unchecking the  DMZ  but  again the phone did not working fully.

I got to say all the advice I received here has led me to be more cofortable digging into the hub, and has enlightened my knowledge...but not my spelling skills.


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