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Awful Netflix download speeds

Just bought a UHD TV.  Streaming 4k from either Netflix or Amazon Prime isnt nec giving me a 4k stream and sometimes its showing as HD.  I've done the 'Check Network' option within Settings on the Amazon box (and also the inbuilt App on the TV) - on Sunday evening download was fluctuating between 10 and 13MB on my Vivid 200 connection.  Checked again at between 10:30 and 10:50 am today (Tuesday 10th Jan):

1.USwitch speedtest with laptop ethernet wired into SuperHub 2 = 150MB

2. USwitch speedtest with laptop through ethernet/poweline adaptor = 80MB

3. Netflix 'Check Network' on Amazon Fire TV connected via ethernet into SuperHub2 = 30MB.

4. Netflix 'Check Network' on inbuilt app on 4K TV connected via ethernet into SuperHub2 = 30MB.

Any ideas?  If the max I'm getting is 30MB on a quiet Tuesday morning then I'm guessing that contention at busy times (evenings/weekends) will see this drop off quite a bit.  Just don't understand why the massive drop from 150MB to 30MB on ethernet connected devices?

Cheers, Jerry


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