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Angry as have problems with wifi and backing up phones/iPad to a cloud

having recently purchased new iPhones, I wanted to upload my photos (approx 600) from my old phone to the cloud storage I purchased from P.c world (knowhowcloud). 

Sounds easy????

Well I started the upload and within minutes my speed dropped to super slow. It said at the current speed it would take 9days to upload all photos. To me this is ridiculous. 

So I phoned Virgin to get some answers. First person I spoke to informed me I had a fault on my line. He rectified the issue and my speeds increase to download 33mbps, upload 5mbps and ping 12. Which I was informed is good for my area and tariff. 

Anyway minutes later after I started transferring the photos again the speed dropped again. By this stage I am starting to get slightly frustrated. Phoned Virgin again another 10-20min wait to get through. Explained my problem again, this time I was told no faulty on my line but it looks like I was having my usage monitored? So I was transferred to customer services to investigate the usage problem, where I was told that no usage monitoring was in place as my usage levels were well below the average. So again transferred to the faults team as it must be a fault on my line?? 

Another 10-20min wait then I explained my problem AGAIN. This time I'm told that I have gone over my upload limit OF 1GB per day. Which is why my connection is slow. 

Transfered to a manager to discuss this further, only to be told that there was nothing he could do. I would have to wait until tomorrow when hopefully my usage limits will be lifted. 

To me this is stupid. How am I meant to backup my phone or send photos to the cloud if this happens everytime??? I don't think 600photos and a couple of short videos is a lot to expect to be able to upload??? 

I have spent nearly 3hours on the phone and still have no idea how I am going to transFer the data to my cloud storage other then wait 9days for it to complete???

not what I pay nearly £100 a month for!!! 

Seriously considering leaving Virgin because of this. Very poor customer service and inconsistent information. 

I have requested for a senior manager to contact me but I'm not holding my breath as it feels like once they have your monthly subscription they don't care!!!!!

sorry for the rant but would appreciate any advice or help anyone could give me.

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Re: Angry as have problems with wifi and backing up phones/iPad to a cloud

Hi stuart_80,


Thanks for posting on the community.


Sorry to learn that you are having issues with uploading your photos to your cloud storage.


I've managed to locate your account and there are peaks of high traffic during the evening which may impact you, however it is currently not breaching our thresholds. I will continue to monitor this.


You can take a look at this link > Traffic Management to see if this might also be causing an issue with your broadband speeds.


Speak soon


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