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Amplifi HD vs UAP-AC-PRO for 3,500 sq ft .

I'm in need of a mesh Wi-Fi network solution for a 3,500 sq ft .
I want my home network to be reliable and easy to support instead of having it on the same infrastructure ,
After some research, I've decided on Ubiquiti, but I still can't decide between Amplifi HD  and a couple UAC-AP-PRO "enterprise-level"  APs back-hauled via Gigabit Ethernet and managed by a Cloud Key. Price-wise, these two solutions are pretty close.  It seems Ubiquiti insists they have improved the throughput via software optimization for multi-user environments, and are not planning to optimize it for single-user environments. Conversely, Amplifi HD is probably optimized for home environments with fewer users than the target environments for UAC-AP-PRO.
should I go with a couple UAC-AP-PRO units , or should I go with Amplifi HD in AP mode and not have to deal with the centrilized controller-based management?

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