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Am I being lied to?

I had scratch that still have issues with the internet I was told by a virgin media forum team worker and a VM Moderator it's a heavy peak time demand now that's the main issue the next issue is This VM moderator and forum team (not saying virgin media because I haven't exactly spoken to every virgin media personnel so Forum team and moderator will do) idea of peak time all the time it is 1am at the moment now from a common sense point of view 1am is not peak time and yet
I'm buffering constantly if I can get on to something and when it does work I'm getting no more than 50mbps when paying for 200mbps they were hundreds maybe thousands of people complaining of the past two weeks of virgin media internet weak speeds of any at all.
Is this Servers?
Just a coincidence that over a hundred peoples service started struggling?
Or the virgin media answer my area peak time demand? Which I doubt because I was struggling with speeds before this random worsening of speeds so to speak and it isn't just peak times the internet is struggling proven with the Speedtest at 1am GMT non peak time also we had no internet at all a week or so after Christmas so we had a engineer come out and he gave us a new router which was ok for a few days before the bad speeds came back again
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