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Access to VPN websites and services


I have recently installed a VPN client on my Android phone which is working fine.

On attempting to download the client for my windows desktop and laptop (through VM broadband) I could not access the website - 'Secure connection failed'.

In fact I could not access the websites of any VPN service (I've tried about 10) except for Avira's. 

Other 'https' or SSL certified websites are working as normal.

I've copied the VPN client software over from another machine and as I suspected, that cannot connect to the VPN service either, unless I connect the computer to my mobile wifi hotspot. 

I have tried enabling all the pass-through options under the router's advanced settings and it hasn't made any difference.

Anyone have any ideas why?

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Re: Access to VPN websites and services

Hey ChuffyMcfoo,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear about the struggles you're having with your VPN access, this can be tricky. I've experienced instances when we need to port forward, or even use the DMZ rule.


From my experience, there isn't one specific fix, it could result in trial and error.


I'll leave your post open to see if anyone else has advice.


Speak soon,

Take care.


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