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Abysmal Packet loss and countless RS errors

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So, I have recently been having more than abysmal issues arising lately (conveniently after a new IP was assigned after more than a year of having the old one) 

Constant packet loss, no matter the time of day it's ranging from 5% to 25%, Peak time, off peak, no matter what. 

Speeds are low during peak time but it's bearable compared to the few hundred kilobytes I used to have last year with two-thousand millisecond ping. 

This isn't the first time having issues either, consistent connection drops ranging from once a week to once or more a day, again no matter the time. Countless calls have been made, countless times the reply was to use a cable, asking what the connection speed was etc,  every. single. time. You wouldn't believe how many times this has happened. Stayed with VM due to the speeds off-peak which're fantastic and let me do whatever during the night which unfortunately ruins my sleeping schedule but it's the only time the internet's bearable. 





The above pictures are from today, 06:43.

Below pictures are ones collected at random times throughout my time with VM 

1400rserrors,amazingVM,amazing.pngPostRSerrorsunlockedupstreamchannels.pngsome more vm errors.jpgvirginmeidaiscompleteshit.pngvmisshit.pngVMpostrs1000andmore.png

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Re: Abysmal Packet loss and countless RS errors

Downstream details for today show two of the channels not locked. Give them a call and get someone to come out and look at it.


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