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Absolute rubbish

Come on virgin media sort this rubbish service of yours out. I pay for 152meg download speed and 10 meg up, i have been complaining now for six years. And it never gets sorted. I am getting 1meg down and 1 meg upload. How the hell is a person supposed to be able to do anything with this crappy internet service.
I have wanted to be able to stream and start a chanel but have not got a chance in hell. For months the date for repairs get put back and put back. It is disgusting that virgin take our money for somthing we cannot recieve. today vodafone just got fined 4.5 million for not suplying the service it was supposed to be providing.
I do hope that it will happen to virgin media. 6 years i have had to put up with this trash service. The tv does not work properly. The phone is not wanted and never gets used. And the internet is constantly not working. I have just had to switch off my pc as there is no internet at all yet again.TRASH SERVICE PROVIDER. WOULD NEVER RECOMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYBODY. always get treated as we owe them when i phone. Always a case of put up with or just shut up.
The problems usually start at 5 pm. Now it starts am. Virgin media for god sake pull your fingers out your **** you make enough money out of promissing customers a service you cant provide.
When you have a top engineer from virgin telling you that they are putting way too many customers on conjested lines that it will never work how it should.MONEY MONEY MONEY thats all that matters.

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Re: Absolute rubbish

Hello spankthemunkey1,


Thank you for getting in touch Smiley Happy


I completely understand this fault is frustrating and I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.


I wish I could quicken up this process, but I can't. I'd be more than happy to keep checking the fault ticket and provide updates.


Again, please accept my apologies and thanks for your patience.

Take care.


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