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5Ghz on router doesn't flash

Hi all.

I do hope someone can help as this has been an ongoing issue for sometime now.

On my router the 5Ghz doesn't flash anymore, all devices can see that option but cannot connect, they can only connect to the 2Ghz as that is the one flashes.

Please help me.

If this carrys on I am going to leave Virgin.

How many complaints have to be made before someone resolves it.

Many thanks.
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Forum Team
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Re: 5Ghz on router doesn't flash

Hi lauralove85,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry to read you are having issues with the 5 GHz wireless connection.


If you log into the router does it show that the 5 GHz network is enabled? To do this type in in the address bar, sign in with the details underneath the router and click into wireless.


Have you tried a factory reset of the router to see if that helps?


Let me know how you get on



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