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5GHz disconnecting


Please HELP

few weeks back my connections started playing up, i noticed it first through my xbox and then on my now tv box and then my smart tv. Seems to be that when things are connected to the 5ghz settings it last for about 20 minutes then it disconnects. So now everything is on the same 2.4 ghz and its not great performance. I phoned up the Virgin team and they said they had done stuff on their end and it should be working alright but unfortunately that wasn't the case! So another phone call explaining yet again i got sent out a new Hub thinking that's great i can now relax in peace with no interruptions. Got the new super hub plugged it all in and i am still having the same problems.

So some help would be great guys! I'm really getting frustrated now with it all.


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Re: 5GHz disconnecting

Your devices are not getting a sufficient signal from the router. Are they far away from it?

If it was working previously and you have made no other changes, try moving the router a little, to a clearer space.

Make sure it isn't next to any metal objects, or hidden behind anything.  That's the first thing to try before moving on to more advanced steps.

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