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5G WiFi Dropping out and now no longer visible

I have been having recent issues with the 5G connection on the Super Hub 2ac router. The 5G connection keeps dropping and now has completely disappeared and no longer visible. I have rebooted the router many times but issue is still there. Are others also experiencing this problem and if so what is the resolution?

Does moving to the Super Hub 3.0 solve the issue or has there been a recent firmware upgrade to resolve or even cause the problem?

The service has been generally good but as I work from home, not having this connection is causing me major issues.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: 5G WiFi Dropping out and now no longer visible

If the SH2AC is on the blink, then the replacement you'll get is the Hub 3. The 5GHz SSID should never disappear. It takes a few days for the VM bods to get to your thread and they may well judge the SH2AC to be faulty & replace it.

That said, the lack of 5GHz SSID needs to be true when you are next to the hub to eliminate wall issues etc.

Not that you'll want to read what I'm about to say, but modem mode with your own decent wireless router will not let you down.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

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