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2.4g terrible connection issues

i have various devices connected to our superhub and those that are on 5g stay on all the time with no connection issues.  2.4g is absolutely unuseable.  A laptop running windows 8.1, an android smartphone, and an apple ipad all refuse to connect on 2.4g.  I have tried everything within the last two weeks to try and resolve the issue.  I have tried resetting the modem, changing channels, connecting direct and still nothing.  I even moved the router to a reasonable position (as advised by virginmedia) and this did nothing either.  I read in this forum that the superhub 2 was rubbish as a router but great as a modem.  I went out and bought a £15 router and after connecting it yesterday I have had no problems.  So forget the 'interference' and 'senstitivity' excuses.  It really is a superhub 2 problem.  

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Re: 2.4g terrible connection issues

Hey there Sonofdel44,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I've just replied to your other post about this problem and I've also sent you a PM.


Please get back to me when you get a chance.


Speak with you soon,

Take care.


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