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1 Second Ping Spikes Every ~30 Seconds - Gaming


I've had an issue for the longest time but only just starting to get annoyed at it due to me playing FPS games which require a stable connection with no hiccups. My problem is a lag spike lasting 1 second, every 30 or so seconds. For example I'm sitting at a solid 30 ping then for a second it will jump to 120, in-game this obviously jolts you and its becoming pretty unplayable.


Any tips to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: 1 Second Ping Spikes Every ~30 Seconds - Gaming

Hi there SpamazoR,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry to read you are experiencing high lag spikes. I can imagine how annoying this must be.


From checking your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine. The network segment is running stable and healthy which is good.


Is the device you are playing FPS games on, connected through wired or wireless? If wireless can you try through wired please to see if that improves the connection?

If it does continue through wired, can you try whilst the Super Hub is in modem mode please?

Do you notice this issue if you are streaming any type of video content?


Let me know how you get on



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