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why have been charged £1.50 extra on my mobile number

why have I been charged £1.50 extra on my bill this month for [removed]


[MOD EDIT: Mobile number removed, please review the Forum Guidelines]

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Re: why have been charged £1.50 extra on Phone number xxx

Hi vasantraichura,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy


Thanks for posting.


I'd like to help you see what these charges are for.


You can access your bills via your account.


Under the option over view click view my recent usage. You would need to scroll back through your bill over the current month to look for the charges which will appear on the right hand side.


If you need to check an older bill it is slightly easier.


Click on the option at the top billing > select the relevant month > click view bill


Just below the date period of the bill you will see some black tabs and if you have had extra costs that month a tab called extra use will be available to select here. 


Hope this helps.


Let me know you need anything else.



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Re: why have been charged £1.50 extra on (Phone number xxx)



Are you aware that personal information relating to the OP, and removed by the mods, has been reposted by yourself in your reply?


I have requested that this information again be edited, but you really should take more care when replying that customers personal information is not compromised.

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