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virgin mobile affecting my credit score

I cancelled my virgin mobile at the end of the contract as i could not get 4G 

The guy on the phone gave me the usual spin and suggested I should cancel the direct debit which I was going to do anyway. However he negleted to mention that there was a final payment to be made, I naturally assumed that when I terminated the contract that was it and was not told otherwise. A few weeks later I started getting letters and messages from Virgin chasing payment, I rang them and explained what had gone on and they agreed that this was their mistake and they should have told me to cancel the direct debit after the final payment and that they would waive the amount as a goodwill gesture.  The letters and messages stopped so I thought that was the end of it, however when checking my credit score it is showing that my virgin mobile account still has an outstanding amount of £13.00 and that it has been seriously in arrears. This is really affecting my credit scrore and virgin really should do something about it as they have admitted that this was their fault and i'm now suffering because of their mistake 

I guess i'm going to have to spend ages wasting my time now trying to ring them up and get shoved around their phone system trying to speak to someone and get this sorted, so anybody else cancelling their contract make sure you don't get caught out by this