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upgrade and failed credit check


I have lost the will to live!!  I have had the same issue twice before when upgrading for myself and my son, namely a declined credit check because of an internal issue:  years ago when an account was closed, I deleted the direct debit which was recorded as a default payment.  This was corrected twice and upgrades allowed.  Both times before I spoke to someone in the underwriting services department but I don't remember how I got to speak to them as it is a wonder how anyone can retain any semblance of sanity as we are shifted between different departments time and time again, only to repeat again and again the sorry tale of our wasted lives with Virgin Mobile.  

I have tried to upgrade to a sim only deal in the last month.   On 26th March I was told a sim would be sent out (no mention of credit check).  On 12th April I rang,  no note of sim being sent out but told sim would be sent out to reach me before 17th April (no mention of credit check).  On 17th April I rang to be told no upgrade was recorded on system and therefore no sim had been sent.  The note on system stated that I had said that I would ring back to request my preference!!  (Dear mother of all that is good and sane on this earth, I am now struggling with strong feelings of hatred!)   Attempted to upgrade again and credit check performed - guess what - declined!  So I am anticipating that it is the same internal issue.   

I thank you for listening.  I must away now to grab a large stick and beat the bejeasus out of a large inanimate object.....

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