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unable to access my travel pass

I bought a travel pass to use while abroad in Italy. However there is just no way I can access it! I tried turning the phone on and off, tried different providers... nothing!

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Re: unable to access my travel pass

Hi perihan,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you're having trouble accessing your travel pass.


I see Mat_H has responded to your post on here. I appreciate you said you've done certain things but I want to provide further helps. Could you please answer the following questions:-


Is the phone connected to a local network?

Does it work for calls and texts?

Have you turned on 'Data Roaming' within the handset?


That last question is where most people slip up as it's usually found in settings. I don't know what handset you have so can't give you a guide. You can find your handset here though and it'll tell you how to do this.


Look forward to your reply.



Forum Team
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