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still getting a bill after termination of contract!


to put it short: 

I got a bill after I terminated my contract.

I waited one more month as Virgin required, and got a PAC code, and changed a network, but today I got a message saying my allowances are refreshed, and an email that I have a bill to pay!

and then again - the usual story of 'great' customer service:
:: 789 is for Virgin Mobile only, and I am on different network now (to be honest it didn't help much when I was on Virgin too)
:: live chat is basically dead chat - you can refresh it all day, but I doubt it will ever work.
:: emails - concealed. I found and somewhere on this forum, sent them an email just to get automatic answer saying it's been rejected as I have unknown mailbox (gmail??)
so, should I go to the store again and waste my and Virgin workers time again?
or there is any, Any, ANY other way to solve it? (and no, I don't to call from different network to spend my time listening to a robot and to pay for that call another bill).
any ideas?
thank you!
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Re: still getting a bill after termination of contract!

Hi denisDUB,


Thanks for posting. Sorry about the confusion surrounding your final bill.


When did you use the PAC code? It sounds like you used your PAC code very close to your refresh date. Only when you use it does the account get cancelled. If you've used it recently then you would owe the final payment.


If you've left your direct debit active then it'll get taken when the bill is usually due. If you've cancelled it, then you'd need to contact the team to make a one time payment. You can get the team on 0345 6000 789 (which will come out of your allowance).



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