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short passwords and cant paste passwords

virgin media mobile site is very insecure at the moment as the passwords are limited to range of 8 to 10 long has to have a upper case letter and a number witch makes it very easy to crack the password in minuets, if virgin media mobile gets there password database stolen

password length should be min 10 chars, ideally no max but 20-32 is normal limits (you must have some big issues with your system if your not allowing spaces as well)

other issue as well is why use a silly script to try and stop paste in the password box as this prevents complicated passwords from been used (password manager i use can just auto type when i press CTRL+V) or i can just block the script that is blocking copy paste command it offers 0 security not allowing pasting of passwords via right click or keyboard

also the security answer is displayed in plane text as well in the my profile page

(not related to this but recant usage page is still broken as well)

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: short passwords and cant paste passwords

Hi ukperson,

Thanks for getting in touch regarding your password. We do take on board your comments as we're always looking to improve the way we do things, so I've sent your feedback to our support team.

Our technicians are still working on the issue with viewing your Recent Usage. Please check the following thread for any further updates on this: recent usage


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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