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"Calls to this number are barred" 0739

I can see I am not alone with this serious problem!

My son has an EE PAYG number starting 07398 and if I try to ring him I get "calls to this number are barred". If I text him I get charged 15p as a Premium Text. Had an online chat with Virgin Media and was promised a call within 5 days - this didn't happen. Had a further online chat and was told only the first person I chatted with could help and was promised a call the following day - this didn't happen.

SOME of the 15p charges have been refunded but they continue to accumulate.

It is important that I can ring my son who lives 80 miles away so currently having to reply on my wifes Vodafone iphone or for him to ring me.

What a pity Virgin cannot sort out this obviously common problem and also have the decency to come back to me as promised.

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Re: "Calls to this number are barred" 0739


As you obviously already know the new EE number range 0739 hasn't yet been added to the Virgin Network system.

Whilst it is very unprofessional of them to promise you a call back & then not do so. Reading the threads on this forum their response will only be that it is to be added soon (won't commit themselves to a definite date). Lets just hope that it’s very soon.

Meanwhile for any expenses you incur, just keep calling the team on 789



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