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premium text received

I have only recently been checking my bills and have noticed that for the previous 12 months I have been paying £60 a month in Premium Text Received. I telephoned virgin and they stated I must have signed up to the service. However, I pointed out that i have never signed up to any premium service and that they are coming from 3 different sources. This could well have been going on for over a year as I can only access my bills for previous year. Virgin were very unhelpful and stated they would not refund. Reading other posts this is a scam and surely they are obliged to refund. Arn't they?  I have lost over £600 to date

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Re: premium text received

they aren't obliged to refund anything.

as for the texts, well people get caught out by entering competitions where they have to enter their mobile number. a gaming site may ask for a mobile etc. in the small print which most never read it will say you agree to sign up to regular premium texts. that's the usual answer to these texts.

as for the amount you are out of pocket by, i don't think even if a law existed that virgin should pay up would they be expected to pay the full amount as you have only noticed the charges after 365 days.

you may find this of use
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Re: premium text received

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Virgin don't have your money - they hand it over to the text providers. if you want to sue someone, go after those guys via the regulator ( phone pay plus) 

 virgin are just the middleman - they are legally obliged to deliver the texts and to collect the charges, just like a postman is legally obliged to deliver the mail. it is up to you to track down the senders and make them stop

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