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free text for virgin numbers only?

Well, Im just checking out if what i just discovered is right...

my tarrif, even though I've been with virgin for over 2 years is now set as unlimited free texts- but only to other virgin numbers? Is that right? That was very quietly whispered in the shop if so? Who only texts other virgin customers? No wonder my 16£ bill is doubled each month. I'm pretty confused how a company this big can be so narrow in its tariff. There is no way I would have signed up if the words 'to other vigin numbers' had been said to me. I thought that kind of thing died in 1999 with BT!

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Re: free text for virgin numbers only?

All of VM's mobile tariffs with unlimited texts apply to any UK operator so what you have been told is nonsense. I have the SIM only tariff and it works just fine to text any UK operator. There must be another reason for your bill being higher than you expect.


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