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ending contract early


I have been in my contract since June 2015 and I have LG 90 phone.

I am not due to up grade until June 2016.

Over the last 4 months my phone is realy slow and it get hot when I am using my ear phone and then it will just cut off.

I had taken it into the virgin shop in Norwich and they have advised that I have to many apps on my phone and I need to get a bigger sd card and then factry st my phone once I have backed everything up and re store it to my new sd card.

I had done this and that did not restore to my new sd card.

But the phone still get hot when using my ear phone as well ac charging it.

Plus the screen is s touch screen the back button dose not work when you use it.

So as this has been going on for some time now and the phone is just so slow I would like to terminate my contract and and I am looking to check what is the amount that I need to pay to buy my self out of this contract.


Many Thanks



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Re: ending contract early

Hi Natalie,


As your contract doesn't expire until June (I presume you mean 2017) the earliest that you would be able to give notice of cancellation without financial penalty would be upto 30 days before that date.

Doing so early will usually involve a "buyout fee". Generally the number of months remaining on contract x monthly fee.
(Given the amount of time, in your case this is going to be quite expensive).

If you want to discuss this you would need to call the team on 789 and select the "thinking of leaving" option.


Might I suggest that you consider having your phone repaired or buying an alternative phone (SIM free or open to the Virgin network) to use for the remainder of your contract.


AlexKid :-)

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