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change joint account to 2 sole accounts

hi I have been paying both mine and my daughters mobile bills on my account.  As my daughter has now left Uni and is working she wants to set up her own account (and pay herself Smiley Happy ) but she wants to keep the same mobile phone number.  I asked in our local Virgin shop how to end her on my account and set up her own one and they said as she wants to keep the number we need to ask for a "transfer of responsibility" form and said it can take weeks - thought this would be something fairly easy to do ?

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Re: change joint account to 2 sole accounts

Hi js19,

Are you the named account holder on both numbers? This means your details used for the credit score to take out the contracts. If so, then I don't think you'll be able to transfer the contract into your daughters name. For her to have a contract in her name, she will need to take it out in her name with her details being used for the credit score etc.

If the contract is nearing the end, instead of continuing, return the number to Pay as You Go, then transfer the number to your daughter. She can then take a contract out in her name for the same number.

Hope that helps

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