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being billed for cancelled sim-card

On Monday, I posted a request for help or advice which has not attracted any response, so here I am again hoping someone will offer me help.  Since I became a customer end of Nov 2016 I have been wrongly billed for a second sim-card that I've never had.  Every month I phone the helpline and every month I am assured the card has already been cancelled - yet every month I am billed for this non-existant card.  Though the card has never been activated and appears to have been cancelled the system is still billing me.  I have one phone and one data card that I pay £6 each for, but the system bills me for an extra phone number I have never had.  If anyone can please help there is more detail in my last post that I sent on Monday 27th Feb.  I have asked the helpline if I or they can talk to someone in the appropiate dept but this is resisted.  Who can I talk to - this has gone on for three months.

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