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a very pushy salesman from virgin mobile

i want to cancel my virgin mobile contract order which i didnt want in first place he rang me because he knew i was with virgin over a year and he wanted me to do a deal with taking a contract out for a mobile phone saying you get all this and its built in with the virgin mega deal offers and now i got an email through with all the order statement i dont want to take out a order with virgin mobile im happy with what i got so i cut him off and he rang back on landline i just want to cancel this and i didnt order anything many thanks jonni

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Re: a very pushy salesman from virgin mobile

Call 0345 600 0789 and go with the 'thinking of leaving us' type option. That will get you through to Virgin Mobile's only UK staffed phone support option. Tell them you want the order canceled and that you want a complaint raised regarding the agent's illegal activity of signing you up to a contract without your expressed permission.

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