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Wife's roaming doesn't work / your website doesn't work / I can't contact anybody,

Hi my wife's mobile roaming doesn't work, I have both my phone and my wife's phone on the same Virgin Mobile account, and I think Virgin changed its software to something which can't handle two accounts at once.

Virgin can you fix it,

To be honest I would rather contact you directly than use a public bulletin board but you make it completely impossible,

Your login system is impossible to use (anyone heard of a password system which doesn't allow two consecutive letters?) like everyone else on the planet I have a bunch of passwords I use of varying levels of security, and I realised that only the high security one doesn't have consecutive letters, and I don't want to use that one on your website. It is programmer vanity to think that all the "users" do is go to the website they are building, and don't realise that everyone has to login on about 200 different websites to do their daily life and can't remember the same password for each one.

Once I had fought your system and made a login, I clicked on the 'e-mail' link and was taken to yet another login page which required me to select billboards from a bunch of google images, I did this about 10 times and then still did not get anywhere, I think I was actualy clicking on something different (like a Virgin e-mail account) not to send you an e-mail.

You don't have any link to send you an e-mail, just to chat which I can't do on Sunday, and phone you, although I tried phoning you at roaming expense and got disconnected, 

Your system is worse than Talk Talk and that is saying something. I got so annoyed with Talk Talk being **** when my home internet broke I thought of switching to Virgin, but clearly your online systems are even worse, which is amazing.

My wife's Blackberry is roaming but for some reason it is connecting to different celllphone towers to the one my phone is connecting to, even though we are both in the same house in a European country (Czech Republic). Also she gets text messages telling her to pay for roaming internet like I do, but hers costs £1.50 for 10MB and mine costs 35p.

Clearly your software is all a pile of **** and you have so many people trying to contact your staff because they can't do what they want you are trying to do everything you can to stop people being able to contact you. 

What a pile of ****.

Anyone got any recommendations about which mobile phone company in the UK actually has software which is easy to use (the same as just about every phone company did 10 years ago)? I think it might be a good idea to switch to that one.

Or are they all ****?

Sorry for ranting

Cheers Karl



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Re: Wife's roaming doesn't work / your website doesn't work / I can't contact anybody,

Hey Karljeffery and welcome into the Community Smiley Happy


Thank you for taking the time to write into us and I'm sorry that things haven't been the best. 


I would like to take a look into the account and make some changes but would need some permission before I can do this. If you can have a little look inside your 'Inbox', you'll see I've sent you a 'Private Message'. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope Smiley Happy


Speak to you soon.




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