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Virgin Media Customer Advisor Please Help

Ok, I am slowly losing the will to live!!

Somehow my Virgin media account has become a secondary account so I am unable to acess info on our phone bill.

 I am unable to access it via my husband's email address as my laptop defaults each time to my so called 'secondary account'. I think this dates back to the time when I asked for both our names to be put on the bill. however I realise that my husbands current email address is the original one used to set up the account many many years ago and within your reorganisation of data this has become the primary acccount.

I have spoken to several 'advisors' over the last couple of years and have been told nothing can be done but given that we have not accessed our bill now for over 20 months this needs to be rectified and if it cannot be done electronically then we need to be sent paper bills please (which seems ludicrous in this day and age???)

I have tried to follow the advice given on line for 'are you having difficulty accessing your bills' and it doesn't work!

Please Help before I go mad.

PS I pay the bills and organised establishing service at our new address in Swindon without any issues around being the secondary account holder!

Hoping for a miracle or even a sensible solution.

Ann Wake

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Re: Virgin Media Customer Advisor Please Help

Hi Ann


Apologies for the difficulties you are having with your online account. I'd like to look into this and see if we can shed any light on the situation. I've sent you a private message which you can view by clicking on the envelope in the top right.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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