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VERY rude Customer Service Reps in Southampton Central

Hello, I'm Chamaine
Me and My family have been customers of Virgin media for a Long Time now, and I needed to upgrade my phone by making an account of my own.

I went into the Southampton store on Sunday and asked about it and had a very nice lady start it up for me and we realised that one of the paper work stuff is wrong to make a new account so I had to come back with a different paperwork for proof of address.

I came back today to talk to a tanned skin thin guy about the samsung J3 phone, They at first did not tell me about the tarrif changes UNTIL i bought it up myself. When I got a little bit upset because it CHANGED TODAY, and still had all the advertisment up on the old tariffs they started to get VERY rude to me, INCLUDING the store manager.

I didnt even raise my voice as I have a cold and it hurts to talk at the moment!

The guy doing all the paper work started to completely blank me on my questions there after, and the same with the rest of staff. When I got the phone handed to me he WOULD NOT HELP ME SET IT UP. Even when I asked with 'please can I have some help', it took him a while ot even look at me!
When I didnt understand that the phone had a pin in it already ALL of them including the manager just told me 'oh I must of set it up already.' HOW!?


I work myself in KFC as a manager. I've had customers THROW HOT FOOD AND DRINK AT MY FACE to the point of getting 3rd Degree burns and I STILL HAD TO SMILE AND PLAY NICE.

The customer service is INCREDIBLY RUDE and if something is Not done about it I will take this further.


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Re: VERY rude Customer Service Reps in Southampton Central

Hi Cstewart


Welcome to the Community and thanks for bringing this to our attention.I am sorry to here about your recent experience in the Southampton store on Monday.


With the launch of our 4G services on Monday this meant our tariffs changed which is why you experienced the changes. Our tariffs are subject to change whilst we continue to try and give our customers the latest technologies.


If you wish to make an official complaint about the service you received then please take a look at our Complaint Code of Practice. This will help you get your voice heard and ensure that we are always delivering the best customer experience possible going forward.


I look forward to seeing how you get on so feel free to get in contact with us again should you need us. 


Get well soon :-)