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Unlock iPhone 7

I brought an unlocked iPhone 7 out right in October from carphone warehouse. I put a Virgin media SIM card that I already had from another phone into the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 locked to virgin media. I want to unlock the phone but virgin are refusing claiming that because the phone wasn't brought from them they cannot physically unlock the phone. This has been going on for 4 months I have spoken to many many virgin advisors who have told me they can then they can't and have now refused to unlock the phone. The phone is locked to virgin media, I have spoke to carphone warehouse, Apple and EE who have confirmed only virgin can unlock the phone but are Refusing to do so because it wasn't bought from them. Now after speaking to every person I now know that the can unlock the phone and are fobbing me off. I have put In a complaint over a month ago and haven't recieved anything, I cannot use the phone because my contract was cancelled. I will be contacting ofcom with all of my evidence and will be pursuing this further unless a solution is found today.

Virgin can unlock the phone but are refusing too and I'm loosing money paying for another contract, it's not on at all.
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Re: Unlock iPhone 7

What a hassle.

I have an iphone bought through the company which owns the Carphone Warehouse, but I put in an O2 SIM (as they are my cellular provider.) They unlocked my phone without issue.

Have you tried using the "thinking of leaving us" type option from the main menu - as the UK staff should assist you with it. Yes you've left, but that's the option I'd go with regardless.

Last I recall reading VM had a £15.32 unlock fee.

@ModTeam can you get this matter resolved/escalated?

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Re: Unlock iPhone 7

Hi Jessicaakaitlyn,

Thanks for your post on the Community Forum and welcome. I'm sorry that you're having a problem with unlocking your iPhone 7 from the Virgin Mobile network. Has this been resolved for you since your post?

If you are still having a problem with this, please let me know and I'll look into this for you.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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