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Unhappy with phone upgrade

Just over a month ago, my daughters phone was due for an upgrade.

From the phones offered, my daughter chose a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 8Gb, which seemed a good option as my Xperia Z3 has been very good indeed.

However, she today moaned at me that she is unable to install any more than 5 apps due to lack of memory. When I looked at her phone, the "8Gb" of internal memory was reduced to not much more than 2Gb because of the operating system and enforced Sony and Virgin apps.

She clears the cache and moves her photo's to the SD card every day, but is unable to have the phone function as she expected.

Surely this is mis-leading, when offering upgrades, to say that it's got so much memory and then the phone fails to deliver that promise?

Apart from the phone being waterproof, classier looking and lighter than her old one, she feels like she's had a downgrade.


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Forum Team
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Re: Unhappy with phone upgrade

Hi StanLaurel

Sorry to hear about the memory issues your daughter has experienced with her new handset.

The storage capacity advertised by all manufacturers for their handsets is the over-all storage capacity of the device and storage available for apps and media will be impacted by the space the operating system takes up along with the pre-installed applications. This is something to bear in mind when selecting a new handset.

We offer a 14 day Customer Service Guarantee period whenever you take out a new handset with us which means you can exchange the device free of charge within this time if it doesn't suit your needs.

After this point, we can only repair/exchange the device in the event of a fault developing.

One thing I can advise is that, if there's an external SD card attached to the device, your daughter could go into the application settings and move some applications to the SD card to save the internal memory (it will not allow you to do this with all apps).

Please let me know how she gets on with this.

Many thanks


Mark Y
Forum Team

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