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Unexplained bill

I have just received a bill and it says I have gone over my data allowance which I totally have not. I have just spent 2 hours on the phone with the most unhelpful, patronising advisor and her manager and I am still disputing it. My billing date runs from the 2nd Feb-1st march. I've never gone over before and have done nothing unusual - I spend the majority of the time on wifi so to find it was over the usage I found strange anyway. They said I used 5.8gig this month yet when I asked for recent usage I'm averaging around 1gig.
Anyway there is no option on the bill even when you download it to csv to total up the usage or the date when you go over - what a joke!
Also I have had text messages to say I still had data from the previous month to use so on the 2nd feb I had this text:
You've kept your unused data from last month with Data Rollover. Unused data lasts until next refresh. See what's left at
Followed by another one:
OK, we've now removed Data Rollover 1GB from your package. Your allowances have all been updated, too!
Then on the 16th feb:
You've used up all the data you rolled over from last month, so you'll now start using your normal allowance. Keep track at

But on my bill I'm being charged from the 17th feb so that means I've used all my data from the new month in one day? This doesn't make sense. Can someone please explain. I've even got a message from yesterday to say there is 400mb left over so again as I explained to the advisor if I've got 400mb left how could I have gone over?

Shocking service! Roll on the end of the contract!
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Re: Unexplained bill

Hi Colette84,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with your billing. Has this been resolved for you since your post?

If you would like for me to look into this, I'll need to take more information from you first. I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the envelope icon at the top right of this page.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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