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I want to upgrade my tariff.  You would of thought that Virgin would be pleased and allow it to happen online.  Indeed there is a place to do it on the site.  I have been trying for 6 months but just get the message 'oops there's been a mistake'.  Virgin want you to phone simply so they can sell you something else but when you do phone your kept waiting for ages before speaking to someone who doesn't know what to do!!  This is because they are salespeople rather than people who know what they are doing.  I will be leaving virgin mobile and finishing my landline, internet and TV as a result of this shoddy service.  Come on Virgin you know you can't upgrade on the site so get rid of the option and be honest about it.  I suggest you put something like.... TO UPGRADE RING US AND WE WILL KEEP YOU WAITING BEFORE TRYING TO SELL YOU SOMETHING AND THEN WE WON'T BE ABLE TO UPGRADE YOU. 

So Virgin - Will I be able to upgrade on line? 



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And another one....

I have a long running thread on this, 'oops, something's gone wrong AGAIN (so have many others, search for tariff change!)

VM know about this, and REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!

All I have had form VM is, 'we are looking into this matter, thank you for your patience'

THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE MAY...7 months, and VM STILL not interested.

All we get is 'words', which are so much HOT AIR when not followed up by ACTION.  7 months  since the first post regarding this,  yet now I am being ignored by VM because I keep chasing this up!!

You are correct in that they do not want you to upgrade tariff online, because it doesn't give them the chance to 'hassle and bully' you into a more expensive tariff, plus it wastes hours of your time waiting on hold for someone to 'hassle and bully you' so you are so fed up you agree just to get free of them.

I have been trying for 6 weeks to change tariff, 5 weeks waiting for answers from Mat_H on this forum, and, I have now just given VM 30 days notice to quit, and am moving ALL 4 of my family mobiles to a DECENT provider...

I refuse to be 'bullied' by VM, so will take my business elsewhere. Why offer an online service if it does not work?? Too many people have complained for it to be a 'hiccup' more a deliberate ploy to annoy people!!

VM don't care, are not interested, and as they already have your money, do not want to with your feet, and leave...(there are actually better deals out there, as I have found out) VM's loss, someone else's gains...Smiley Tongue

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