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Tourist trying to get data in Ireland


The next month i'm in Ireland, (Living in Denmark) and need to get some data for my phone, so i brought a 1 pound simcard from virgin, but i dont have an valid address or an valid contact number here in UK. How is it possible for me to get it all activated??

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Re: Tourist trying to get data in Ireland

I am completed bemused by this post and what you have done. Why would you buy a VM SIM card in the UK for use in the Republic of Ireland where it will only work through roaming and will expensive for data roaming as well. You'd have been just as well off either using your Danish mobile phone in Ireland or waiting till you got there and buying a SIM only deal from an Irish mobile phone provider.

You can activate your VM mobile SIM - if you must - by phoning 0345 6000 789 in the UK. You won't need a UK address or a UK permanent phone number (unlike France where you must).


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