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This sounds too goo to be true!!!! 4G tariff sim only

Ok, so I have just been on the phone with a virgin rep regarding the new 4g tariffs for sim only. At the moment I am on the £8 2500 mins, unlimited texts and 2GB data but that is on 3G. When I asked about getting the 4G service I was told that the tariff I am on is not compatible with 4G so I would have to upgrade to the 4G service and need a new sim. No problem, slight change in benefits and £1 increase per rolling month. Now, here comes the part I was a little taken aback with. On the tariff chart is shows at the top that: [quote]Data Rollover: keep unused data[/quote]

2016-11-29_18-45-45.pngHaving seen this I obviously needed the terms to be clarified. I was put on hold for a second for the rep to ask their supervisor or someone with a little more knowledge than him. Upon return he said that the unused data for the 4G tariff would be rolled over indefinitely. Yup, that's what he said. Over and over each month. Now call me sceptical but I really cannot see that being correct or Virgin are finally rewarding mobile customers for all the naff services in the past. So if I only use 500mb per month the other 1.5GB will be rolled over and the same the month after. Not be long before I'm holding onto 20GB+ haha Anyone else had this told to them or have a different reply?

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Re: This sounds too goo to be true!!!! 4G tariff sim only

Hi silentg1971,


yes it's true.... but not quite.

Only unused data from the previous month's tariff allowance will rollover to the next and so on:

You won't get an accumulation of months worth of unused data rolling over.


AlexKid :-)

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