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Sim mix up

I've had 2 new phone delivered ordered online, first question is does the new sim come with old number and second question is managed to mix up sim card and don't know which number is for which phone.

I know it wouldn't matter if they were still boxed but one phone has had all contacts, data etc transferred onto new phone so need to know which is which.


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Re: Sim mix up

Hi deehar,


assuming these phones are upgrades. Then unless you asked for the SIM's to be preactivated you need to send the text READY to 789678 from your old phone & SIM.

You should receive a text back saying the request has been successful.


Your old SIM will deactivate and some time after your new SIM will become active with your old number.

(Periodically turn your new phone off and on to check for network).


Occasionally activation may take upto 24 hours.

Once the new SIM's are active you'll soon be able to tell which is which by making a call Smiley Happy


AlexKid :-)

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Re: Sim mix up

1 it depends on two things did you request one of the new phone contracts to replace an old one and did you tell Virgin when placing the order, second did the sales agent do what you asked

2 is simple call your second phone from the first and see what number shows up on the screen, rocket science it isnt
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