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Round and round we go

Sky customer

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Firstly I was pushed into taking a sim card which I advised the operator I would cancel within 14 days as I have all the family mobiles on contract for at least another year.

Secondly my address details were incorrect so I never received the sim. I eventually cancelled it after 80 mins and 6 phone calls. THEY TOOK THE MONEY TODAY!

Thirdly I was assured the correct address details were now on the account which might be useful as the engineer is due to install phone, broadband and television on the 15th but I have checked my account details online, guess what, NO CHANGE.

Lastly, if I do not have these issues resolved quickly, FORGET IT and deal with OFCOM.


Got through to accounts first time, WOW!! I spoke to an adviser who assured me the address change was noted and was currently in processing, fair enough. My issue with the cancelled sim had to be transferred and guess what, WRONG DEPARTMENT, 12 MINUTES IN QUEUE.

 I was transferred again, 3 MINUTE WAIT, and asked to verify the account using the mobile phone number, YOU SENT THE SIM TO THE WRONG ADDRESS, I HAVE NEVER HAD IT. Eventually the adviser got my details a verified the sim had been cancelled BUT a charge of £3.49 was on the account??? YOU SENT THE SIM TO THE WRONG ADDRESS, I HAVE NEVER HAD IT.   I was informed that the monthly fee would be refunded in 5-7 DAYS and the £3.49 adjusted from the account, ONCE THE SYSTEM PROBLEM LET THE ADVISER DO IT. 38 minutes on the phone watch this space!

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Re: Round and round we go

Hi simonroxsox


I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulty you're experiencing with the cancellation of the SIM card, I can certainly understand the impact it’s had on you.


I'd like to see if we can investigate this issue for you so I've sent you a private message which you can view by clicking on the envelope in the top right.


Many regards.


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