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So Ive tried earlier today to get a handset after the 6th payment on a sim only. Was told to ring them today so i did only to be told that it has to be 6 direct debit payments and that debit card payments dont count!!! This is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard!!!! Ive paid my bills on time even a week or so early onto my mobile account!!! As long as you get the money why should it matter????? I was promised a upgrade after 6th payment!!! Liars! Sort it out Virgin your going to lose customers if this is how you carry on!! Im going else where to get mobile!!!
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Re: Ridiculous

Hi pdebono83,


I replied earlier to your other post.

This seems to be a case of "over enthusiastic" sales tactics by Virgin employees.

The handset agreements Virgin setup are called "freestyle" which are basically two separate agreements.
One for the handset and the other for the airtime (mins, texts and data) the same as your current SIM only plan.

The handset agreement is an interest free loan or credit agreement that is taken out over the period.

Whilst 6 months worth of direct debit payments may have some bearing on your credit score Virgin certainly cannot make any promises as it is your external credit file (done by Equifax I believe) that would decide if you could pass for this loan or not.

Judging by the number of similar posts on this forum even people with very good credit rating are struggling to meat Virgin's criteria.



AlexKid :-)

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