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Renewing my Virgin Mobile Phone Contract

I was contacted about six weeks ago by Virgin Mobile informing me that I was eligible for an early up grade on my phone and someone from the team would be in contact shortly, this never happened.  End of last week I received written correspondence for Virgin Mobile stating the same thing.

This morning I have been in contact with the Virgin Mobile Team, who proceeded to sort me out a new contract, towards the end I was asked for my debit cards details to set up the direct debit, at the end of the process I was told they needed to carry out a credit check, I was then informed it had been rejected, I asked why and for details, I need to phone back tomorrow as the credit check department is closed, so, how are they able to carry out a check if the department is closed.

I come off the the phone feeling rather annoyed, I have been a customer of Virgin Media, Telewest, and Yorkshire Cable,my email address is blueyonder, I have Virgin TV, Broadband, landline and my wifes and my mobile phone contracts with Virgin, I have always paid my bills each month through direct debit, which I would have thought should be ample evidence of credit worthiness.  has anyone else encountered the same issue.




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