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Purchased new phone, also got a new number!

A couple of months ago I called up your sales line on the suggestion of your online agent. I spoke to an Indian man who was almost impossible to understand. I asked him if it was possible to get a new phone earlier than April (when my contract expires). In all honesty, I couldn't understand 80% of what he was saying and had to ask him on numerous occasions to repeat himself. Initially he said no but then he said something (no idea what!) but basically said I could get the new phone and it would cost a certain amount per month which sounded less than I am already paying. I agreed to what I thought was a new 24 month contract which was going to replace my existing contract. The phone arrived a few days later so I fitted my existing sim into the phone and off I went. All well and good.
When my first bill went in it was about £65 which I didn't question as I figured it was the start of a new contract etc. However, after the Christmas period, I did a check of my account and discovered I had been provided with a new contract on top of the existing one complete with a new number. Now as my account will show, I have never used this new number nor have I any idea where the sim is for it (as I didn't have a clue I had been sent one).  I certainly don't want to go changing my number as after a couple of years, I've just started to remember my current one. What can you do to help me please?

I have to say, I might have been lax in not reading everything as I figured it was a simple replacement, but trying to understand your agent (as the recording of the call would demonstrate) was nigh on impossible.

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Re: Purchased new phone, also got a new number!

Hi Cullers,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry for any confusion caused on our part. We want to do all we can to look into this for you.


I'm afraid that I'm unable to deal with cancellations via the forum. We would need you to give us a call on 789 or 0345 6000 789 so we can see what can be done on our side.

Let me know how you get on with this.



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Re: Purchased new phone, also got a new number!

Hope you get this sorted too, normally you would have to return the handset within the 14 days Customer satisfaction guarantee . If its been a few months im not sure if this could be honoured but the cancelations team would give you the answer.

The only way you would keep the original number is to cancel the new one and then wait until March ( pending the contract ends in April ) and then upgrade this.

Keep us updated on the forum Smiley Happy

Good luck
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