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Proof of Usage Document


My wife has a Virgin mobile sim pay monthly deal with you on a 1 month rolling. We have used this in a handset we purchased online since January 2016. 

My wife has damaged this phone and I need to claim on my works insurance. As the invoice I received when I purchased the phone does not show the IMEI number, I have been told I need a Proof of Usage document from you.

This will prove this particular handset has been used since January, to prevent me buying a broken phone off ebay and claiming on the insurance. 

How do I obtain this from you as I've been passed from customer services, to retentions and even to the fraud team on the phone and hung up on twice!

Without this document, I cannot claim on my insurance. How can I obtain it?


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Re: Proof of Usage Document

Hi chrisjbooth


I'm sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing with your insurance claim. I'd like to take a closer look at your account but have been unable to locate it using your forum details. I've sent you a private message which you can view by clicking on the envelope in the top right.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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