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Problems logging in.

Recently I've been looking to Upgrade my Mobile package but when I went to log in to my account I found that I couldn't remember my password, so I went through the usual options of resetting it but for some reason when it asked for my number, surname and postcode it told me that my details didn't match up with the records and since I haven't moved or changed name since opening this account I don't know what the problem is.

I've tried to get a hold of someone through the recommended Online Chat window but have yet to have a single answer after a weeks worth of trying and I don't honestly have the time to ring around chasing after it. The only reason I joined this community is to find out if someone can help me with this

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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Re: Problems logging in.

Hi nwilson13,

Have you gone down the route to try and recreate a new account? If the system is not able to find your details from your mobile number, surname and postcode, it sounds like there may not be an online account for your number.

It's worth a try Smiley Happy

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